Hübsch – German [hʏpʃ] Pretty, Handsome

Feed your Skin & Soul Boys and Girls

Do you care about your body? And staying fit and healthy whilst enjoying life?

If my guess is right, you very likely used shampoo in the shower this morning and body lotion afterwards?

Maybe you didn’t stop there. You probably sprayed deodorant under your armpits and a dash of perfume on your t-shirt?

You may have even jazzed things up with some makeup – concealer, lipstick, mascara, eye liner – before rushing off to work with a bunch of good snacks and intensions in your bag!

Why do we all do these same things every day?

The answer is simple:

‘Looking and feeling good’ is a basic need in our lives and a huge deal in today’s modern society.

But here is the disturbing fact: We are made to smother our skin with synthetic substances which, mostly, we would NEVER put near our mouth!

Yes, you got it right – those synths all become absorbed by our skin!!

It bothers me greatly and caused me to search for natural and synth free alternatives which admittedly were not easy to find in the UK.

Entrepreneur – style I searched traditional methods of caring for skin using pure essential and nourishing oils, activated charcoal and plant derived butters. I got hooked!

Being German, I couldn’t let go. My idea: Skin care that is effective and plant derived for beauty inside out. And so it hatched:

Hübsch! Wholesome! Gender Neutral!

What’s it to you?

‘Meet’ amazing people from all over the planet that inspire our beautiful products.

Discover ideas and life style choices that nurture your soul and help you deal with feelings of angst and stress.

AND find your skin become more radiant and flawless then ever : )

You would be mad not to, right!!!

Hübsch is about Your Unique Perfect: Celebrating Diversity, Nature and Ancient Wisdom from All Over The World but with a 21st Century Twist.

We work our socks off to make sure Hübsch is fair and eco friendly from product development to supply chain, through to packaging. But enough of us…

We’d love to hear your story of what makes you Hübsch #PrettyHandsome : )

Always with a plan and ever improving


Oil Princess

& the Hübsch Team…