Bonny Mallows Hot Choc Recipe ~ for a Happy Lifestyle

“Sweets are enjoyed across every are, demographic group, and lifestyle” Confectionery plays an important role as a fun treat for a Happy Lifestyle.  Sweets are (or should be) a small part of the diet, at just around 2 percent of the average caloric intake so make sure you choose your Happy Remedies well! “Most people enjoy sugary […]

Bonny Marshmallows ~ the Guiltless Gluten Free Treat

Bonny Confectionery are filling the Gluten-Free gap! A Gluten Free Diet is sure one of the latest trends and what buyers need to look out for. Living a Gluten Free diet is a choice many people make to feel better, healthier and reduce symptoms of discomfort due to gluten intolerance. Marshmallows are a fantastic way […]

Bonny Marshmallows are taking off the ground…

We are now officially whisking up the Lightest Marshmallows Ever! Dip, stir and melt our Bonny MallowMelt Dippers into your Hot Choc or Coffee on board with Virgin Airline Flight  787 \(^o^)/   Making a very nice travel companion, adding the gourmet twist to your mile height cuppa! Bonny Marshmallows are warming up hearts of sweet lovers in  Britain […]

Back to the Basic – Vanilla Marshmallow Recipe

The most question we’ve been asked is “How you make marshmallow?”; “Are they difficult to make”; “What are they made of?” – the answer is “Magic Air, Ha Ha Ha!”. Yes, I’m not joking, marshmallow is actually quite easy to make but it does require the “Magic Air” most people failed at. The following is […]

Bonny MallowMelts ~ An new ingenious way to flavour and oomph up coffee and hot chocolates!

Bonny MallowMelts ~ An new ingenious way to flavour and oomph up coffee and hot chocolates! The Perfect Coffee Break Treat Simply pop a MallowMelt cube on top of a milky coffee or hot chocolate. Sip your drink through the creamy, flavoursome marshmallow fluff. Bonny MallowMelts deliver Quality ingredients Handmade by artisan confectioners Excellent shelf […]

What is Gourmet Marshmallow???

Hand made Belgian Chocolate Marshmallows

I believe nearly everyone knows what is a marshmallow but what makes it gourmet?  and what gourmet means? “Gourmet” simply means Fine food and drink, high quality premium foods.  So “how” gourmet can a marshmallow be?  the answer is VERY! Morden marshmallows are mainly consist of sugar, gelling agent (gelatine, egg white), corn syrup and […]

Easy Marshmallow Dodger Recipe way better than “Jammy Dodger”

Most of you would probably guessed what is “Mallow Dodger” , and yes, it is the more glamour cousin of Jammy Dodger. This marshmallow recipe again shows you how versatile marshmallows are.  My little girl inspired me to make Mallow Dodger as she like Jammy Dodger a lot (but I hated it as for me it tastes nothing except sugar […]