Our little tale


founders of bonny confectionery
founders of bonny confectionery

Bonny Confectionery – Our little tale

It started with two little girls,
Who live in the same village,
Were born on the same day.
Who brought together two Mums:
Jackie and Cordie
And what happens when two Mums start talking, and talking and talking….
Well in our case: something Bonny!!!

We, Cordie and Jackie met walking our dogs in the village where we both live and soon found out that our first borns are born on exactly the same day, which must have been a sign ; )! When meeting up for our girls to play our conversations quickly went beyond the usual chit chat and we came up with the idea of making a business out of what we love doing anyway: hand making sweets!
It took a little head banging and brain storming before we registered as gourmet marshmallow specialist in 2011. On this occasion I think we would like to thank all our friends and family for sampling away our gourmet marshmallows and reassuring us that this is definitely worth the effort : )!

!cid_DD35B401-DB28-4A0D-90C8-F37ABC07FF03@lanOur business concept is to hand make gourmet marshmallows but with a twist. We love to experiment and try out new things and our recipes are inspired from all over the world… particularly Germany and Hong Kong / Taiwan, our home countries. We follow a natural approach to gourmet marshmallow manufacture and our marshmallows reflect the fun and enthusiasm for new ideas we love.

The idea behind `Bonny` our little mascot: she reminds us of how our friendship and business venture began: our little girls. Saying that, she is much more quiet and slightly more grown up… Thank god ; ). Bonny is now ready to turn heads of the small and big children of Britain. And so far successfully. Bonny`s biggest catch this year: our new family member aka Bonny`s sugar granddaddy Alistair. Bonny turned his head and with a little push by her creators she is now taking on the world with new force!

From North Wales to England, Ireland, France, Holland and Germany. We have big asperations to introduce our new marshmallow hot drink concept to the world. Inspired by our Welsh surroundings with people full of love and care for gourmet handmade produce we are inspired and incredibly proud to contribute to the Welsh economy by growing our little marshmallow venture.
Our ideology: to make marshmallows new and exciting. In a way people may not have tried before. The idea of making flavoured gourmet marshmallows appealed to us because of its simplicity: transforming a very ancient and traditional sweet into a modern mouth-watering treat.

Indeed our Bonny gourmet marshmallows are so incredibly versatile. There is an endless scope for new gourmet marshmallow varieties and flavours. We are planning to introduce an alcoholic gourmet marshmallow range for our Marshmallow Melt Dippers with the likes of Jamaican Rum and Whisky & Chocolate. We are also working on a gourmet marshmallow tasting club project where our tasters/members can subscribe to gourmet marshmallow taster boxes trailing exclusive gourmet marshmallow varieties involving crunchy topping, chocolate coatings and even fillings… Gourmet marshmallows are such a creative product which suits Jackie and my character really well… a little all over the place ; )