5 Clarifying Questions To Help You Say What You Mean

Telling someone what you mean can be surprisingly hard. I naturally used to start off confidently to then side track into a meaningless waffle, angry rant or even worse frustration-induced tearful outburst… Horrific! Still hate to remember the cringe…

When you are reflective and self critical making a pungent point of what you like or don’t like can be god damn tricky!

So when I learned about this quick set of questions to ask myself as to whether IT (aka issue, dude or whatever) is worth wrecking my precious, pressured brain over in the first place, I sat up and listened.

Having used this little tool for may moons I decided to be kind and share with those of you who haven’t had this life changing piece of mind candy in their kit.

So here it comes…

Before making the decision to ACT and feed back, challenge, critique or buy into change ask yourself:

Is it Necessary?

Is it Kind?

Is it True?

Why Me?

Why Now?

If the answers are positive, its a green light for you to escalate to phase 2: Consciously Plan To Say What You Mean To Get What You Want.

If the answers are negative, consider this a big fat veto on your decision to act and re-consider in the future when your answers are more positive.

Let’s try it out with a no-brainer close to my heart?

Should I change my long established skin care routine to try out an indie plant based regime?

Is it Necessary? My skin is my largest organ and avoiding synthetics, paraffins and fillers could reduce your risk of immune desease and cancer.

Is it Kind? I deserve looking after number one.

Is it True? Hundreds of traditional remedies are proven to be as effective as pharmaceutical products commercially promoted to the masses.

Why Me? Reviews on Hübsch report results that I would love for my skin.

Why Now? Using natural products and rocking plump, glowing skin makes me feel and act confident and beautiful.