It’s Not Beauty That Makes You Attractive

“You go to bed with Marilyn Monroe, to wake up with Norma Jean”

(Marilyn Monroe)

A famous quote by a famously made up persona!

But would Marilyn have become the iconic woman without Norma Jean?

Can beautiful people look unattractive?

And why can you throw 10 complete strangers in a group together, and within minutes, a leader will emerge that the others will follow?

Attraction is not just about appearance. It is a biological, instinctual trigger that evolved millions of years ago to help keep us alive. Consciously understood, a leader is typically the strongest and most dominant individual in a group, both physically and mentally. And in return for protection, others will follow.

#timeisup helps us fight chauvinist views, reducing female and male attractions to beauty and power, respectively.

Essentially, our attraction to humans is based on the level of value they offer to us. Because we gain a portion of their personal value through association.

How To Become Attractive?

Firstly, forget about the shape of your nose!!!

Secondly, believe in your ability to lead. Understand the values you offer to others. Proactively convey those qualities in your actions.

Thirdly, value yourself instead of seeking affirmation from your Dad, Mum, Mother in Law, Boss, Bestie…

It Is Not Arrogance. It Is Being Mindful And Kind To Yourself.

So next time you crush because your bum is too big or your hairline is on decline. DON’T google evasive beauty treatments and disfiguring surgery. Count out loud your abilities: hobbies, professionalisms, craftsmanship, business savvy, social skills, education, sports, career, relationships…

You’re A Superstar!!!