Say No To Corned Beef!

It took me longer than most of you guys to figure out that it is ok to say No to things you don’t like.

Hence these wee words of advice…

To save you some time. And a lot of ball ache : )

Next time. When that vain starts pulsating on your forehead. And you feel like the urge to punch: WALK OFF. SAY NO. DONT DO IT!

Life is too precious to waist time forcing Corned Beef down your throat.

(unless you actually love that stuff)

‘You always have a Choice’ someone said to me once. Never he knew how that phrase protected me.

I keep craving financial freedom. When in reality, my Freedom came with that phrase. That Choice.

Take your blinkers off.

The secret behind clever choices is your ability to see all your options.

Learning to say No to what you don’t want is a key skill for making good choices.

AND believe me: Not taking s*** that’s not even been ‘sandwiched’ is incredibly liberating.

Don’t nod politely when you smell bulls***.

Don’t rush your kid to another activity because the Joneses are on a 2018 super parent mission.

Don’t side with a bully thinking resistance is hopeless.

And put that fricking hoover down: It’s dust not poison.

Say No to Corned Beef!