In the Name of Safer Sweating: Go Natural Deodorant!

Concerns about the questionable ingredients in antiperspirants are on the rise – Most worryingly: Aluminium!

Grrr… Exactly. What is their excuse?

Aluminium temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents perspiration and odour. BUT it also can be easily absorbed into your skin.

Sounds scary, huh?

Well, not only this! Recent medical studies have revealed potential dangers of trying to reduce sweating.

Sweating is vital for not only temperature regulation, but also ridding your body of toxins.

No-brainer Solution: Switch to an all-natural CLEAN alternative without the aluminium-based compound.

Sounds appealing?! But can they actually work?

Yip, we did it. #42 is the answer to your question 🙂

#42 Cream Deodorant appeals with a delicious scent of sweet orange oil and the soothing touch of avocado butter.

No Synth! No Nonsense! No Aluminium!

Tempted? Go and test for yourself and put it through its pace..

Go Natural Deodorant

Why it works so well? The active ingredient of Avocado Butter is created from the flesh of the fruit. (Yes, it’s a fruit not a vegetable). It provides excellent nourishing, and skin softening properties. Hübsch #42 Cream Deodorant not only protects you from perspiration. It helps with eczema and is a fabulous piece of clean skin care for tender skin caused by tanning or shaving.


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