Bonny Mallows Hot Choc Recipe ~ for a Happy Lifestyle

“Sweets are enjoyed across every are, demographic group, and lifestyle”

Confectionery plays an important role as a fun treat for a Happy Lifestyle.  Sweets are (or should be) a small part of the diet, at just around 2 percent of the average caloric intake so make sure you choose your Happy Remedies well!

“Most people enjoy sugary treats twice a week, averaging less than 50 calories per day from confectionery items”

Bonny Mallows – Bouncy squares of Happiness

Confectionery is becoming seriously indulgent and fun and frivolous …and Bonny Mallows Dip, Stir and Melt idea is offering fun and entertainment: stir in the natural flavours and watch them melt into a creamy mallow fluff.

Confectionery packaging is becoming ever more beautiful …and Bonny Mallows are  all presented in super pretty freestyle decorated packaging.

Innovation and recreation of traditional sweets is unbeatable …and Bonny Mallows Jumbo Version of the traditional Mini Marshmallows are a flavoursome all natural way to add happiness to your lifestyle. Melting a cube or dipper into your Hot Chocolate or Coffee and sipping your drink through the sweet and flavoursome marshmallow fluff is relaxing, fun and incredibly satisfying! A perfect sweet treat that can be worked into your diet as a guilt free indulgence!

And here is OUR RECIPE for a HEAVENLY HOT CHOCOLATE with Bonny Mallows

Enough for two-

  • First spoon 4 teaspoons of good quality cocoa into each mug.
  • Heat two mug full of full fat milk (or soy milk) in saucepan over a low heat.
  • When milk is warm take a few tablespoons of the milk and add to the cocoa powder. Mix well until the cocoa dissolves to form a thick paste.
  • Once milk in saucepan is steaming but not boiling, pour over the chocolate paste in each mug and mix well to get yummy hot chocolate.

Now all you have to do is dip in your Bonny Mallows and enjoy! xxxx

by @motherinlondon

Heavenly Hot chocolate Recipe

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