Bonny Marshmallows ~ the Guiltless Gluten Free Treat

Bonny Confectionery are filling the Gluten-Free gap!

A Gluten Free Diet is sure one of the latest trends and what buyers need to look out for.

Living a Gluten Free diet is a choice many people make to feel better, healthier and reduce symptoms of discomfort due to gluten intolerance.

Marshmallows are a fantastic way to get a Gluten Free sugar fix. And our Bonny gourmet marshmallows are made with natural ingredients and minimum processing. Bonny Mallows are also naturally low in fat so with an active lifestyle our marshmallows will be the guilt free pleasure we are all seeking.

Gluten Free Marshmallows

Supermarkets Gluten Free offering remains poor and choice is rather boring and limited. Bonny Mallows fill a gap with exciting, natural and fresh confectionery wrapped up in eye-catching branding that appeals to shoppers instantly.

Bonny Mallow retail products are available for distribution and wholesale.

We also supply our mallows in bulk as a food service offering. Bonny Mallows are perfect for the confectionery and hot drink category with the dual concept of marshmallows for eating and to melt into hot beverages.

So whether you are an independent Deli, Coffee Shop or Garden Centre or part of a group, multiples or high street retailer, we will work with you to match you with a product that meets your needs.

Bonny Confectionery operates from a SALSA approved production site and we are running at a capacity that is set up for volume.

For inquiries and details of our services please contact us:

Tel 0844 3104180