5 Clarifying Questions To Help You Say What You Mean

Telling someone what you mean can be surprisingly hard. I naturally used to start off confidently to then side track into a meaningless waffle, angry rant or even worse frustration-induced tearful outburst… Horrific! Still hate to remember the cringe… When you are reflective and self critical making a pungent point of what you like or […]

Turmeric, My New Health Hero!

{TURMERIC} One of my most delicious physical interactions with turmeric has included a ‘falling of the bone’ lamb curry at This and That in Manchester’s Norther Quarter. Beeeetter than good! One of my most irritating, an intense fingernail-staining experience of making Yotam Ottolenghi’s Tumeric Pancakes: What a fabulous mess!!! Meanwhile, in India for thousands of […]

It’s Not Beauty That Makes You Attractive

“You go to bed with Marilyn Monroe, to wake up with Norma Jean” (Marilyn Monroe) A famous quote by a famously made up persona! But would Marilyn have become the iconic woman without Norma Jean? Can beautiful people look unattractive? And why can you throw 10 complete strangers in a group together, and within minutes, […]

Why 2018 Needs ‘The Idle Parent’!!!

Ever wondered whether the 2018 parent madness is less about investing in kids but investing in capitalism? …tuition, tennis, Spain, horse riding, skiing, piano etc Just saying?!? Well, There is a different way! Get ready for the most sensible and consoling parenting manual ever: ‘The Manifesto of the Idle Parent’ (Tom Hodgkinson) * We reject the […]

Stressed By Day to Day Life?

Pressured to perform? Pressured to feel happy? Pressured to look perfect? I know! Those pressures can really weigh you down. But what if stress was just another 21st century idiocracy? If stress was just a concept that is soft, and changes shapes as different people experience the continuum of life? It would be Resilience that we […]

Do You Have Oily Or Acne Prone Skin?

Do you have ageing skin? Do you have skin? Perfect! PLEASE read on (…) Because your skin needs nutrition as much as the rest of your body, we want you to Feed your Skin nothing but the best. Black, brown, olive, yellow, pink or white… Appearance is anything but superficial. On a pretty (handsome) day, […]

Do You CARE For Your Skin?

And looking and feeling good about yourself? If my guess is right, you very likely used shampoo in the shower this morning? And body lotion afterwards? Maybe you didn’t stop there? You probably sprayed deodorant under your armpits and a dash of perfume on your T-shirt? You may have even jazzed things up with some […]

In the Name of Safer Sweating: Go Natural Deodorant!

Concerns about the questionable ingredients in antiperspirants are on the rise – Most worryingly: Aluminium! Grrr… Exactly. What is their excuse? Aluminium temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents perspiration and odour. BUT it also can be easily absorbed into your skin. Sounds scary, huh? Well, not only this! Recent medical studies have revealed potential […]